Friday, June 1, 2012

June Salad-a-Day Challenge!

Will you join me in this challenge for the entire month of June?

A salad every day!

The challenge has been issued by Angela Liddon from

Some of the salads I have had so far (I got a few days head start). The Detox Salad by Angela Liddon. (Day 3 & 4/May 31st and June 1st)

A salad from the Souper Salad! restaurant. (Day 2/May 30th)

And Layered Salad with Orange-Ginger Dressing. (Day 1/May 29th)

I will be posting pictures of my salads and if I try some really good new ones, I will post the recipes, too.

And just like Angela Liddon, of course I am not going to live entirely on salads, so I hope to post the recipes that we are eating this summer, too.

We've been doing home-made nondairy ice cream, some super-awesome breakfast recipes, Monsta! Cookies from Dreena Burton (with dramatically reduced oil), etc.

All of the salads above were oil-free. I have really vamped up my efforts in either seriously reducing our usage of oils, or eliminating it altogether. It has been the last refined food I have really been holding on to. Once you make the effort, cross that line into oil-free land, it's not so hard as it seems. This has been the biggest transition item for me. But, I hope to show you how I have been doing it.

So, back to June Salad Challenge! Will you join me?

How do you participate?

Leave a comment saying, "I'm in!"

Then blog, tweet, or facebook your salads, or pictures of your salads.

I hope you participate!

So far for me it has changed the way I eat in just the last week. (Yes, even MUAH can eat too few veggies!!)

So fill up that crisper, and get excited to try some new salads!

It's not too late today to eat that salad for dinner. You can look at Angela Liddon's site for some good starter salad recipes, or just grab whatever is already in your crisper, chop it up, throw it together, drizzle with lemon, maple syrup or balsamic vinegar, and eat up!


  1. I was just saying today that I really need to increase my veggie intake (currently at 1 a day!). This would be a great way to start. I will commit to 30 days, starting when I go grocery shopping. Where can I find recipes for great salad dressings without oil?

  2. Katie, I am so glad you are in! Day three and I realize that it takes conscience effort to eat a salad-a-day. I hope to hear about what salads you are eating and the experience that you have.

    I would like to do a post about your excellent question. Oil free salad dressings are few and far between. I have learned a few tricks to replace the oil in any salad dressing that are quick and easy.

    For now, look at Angela Liddon's site: Many of her recipes for dressing are oil free. Also Dreena Burton just posted a new salad dressing using applesauce instead of oil on her website She also has a Hummus salad dressing posted there that I have tried and LOVE. It is really good on a chopped kale, parsley, and zuchinni salad with shredded carrots. My favorite oil free salad dressing can be found on my website (it is really thick, but can be watered down and is so yummy!) and it is called Raw Tahini Dressing by Natalia Rose. I think it is one of the very first posts?

    I am going to do some further experimentation, and I will post my dressing tricks, and I will post some oil free dressing recipes that I like.

    Again, thanks for joining me, this is gonna' be great!


  3. I have been making lots of salads! I just need to blog them! Thanks for the challenge, I just need to rise up and do it now :-)

  4. Can you post your favorite vegan ice cream recipe? Or, do a feature on ice cream lol

  5. I can definitely do a feature on ice cream and post our faves! Yum!