Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project Vegan Kids Fruit Sushi

I am reminded that Project Vegan Kids needs to continue. I am going to try to label all of my posts that are a part of Project Vegan Kids so that if you do a search in the google search bar, you will be able to find all the posts pertaining. Also, I am going to add a link to the side bar for Project Vegan Kids.

As a part of Project Vegan Kids, I need to refer you to an awesome vegan twist on raw sushi/the good ole regular PB&J.

These recipes can be found at Who is my Fabulous Flexitarian sister! She is a brilliant chef, food artist, and photographer. Let me give you an example:

How many of you Moms, or anyone looking for a snack, get a little tired of the PB&J? ME! Pick me! And, how many of you have to pack lunches every day that are eaten by the world's greatest skeptics? (That would be your child.) Me again. You too?

Here is some variety! And my kids LOVED these! I was skeptical, I will admit it.

It's GREEN for crying out loud.

Since when do most kids let you make them a lunch wrapped in green? BUT! My kids now ask for Aunt Aimee's special sushi DAILY.

Just a tip, make sure your leafy greens are organic. Organic romaine lettuce is to die for, and wraps much easier than regular, "hair-sprayed" (pesticide sprayed) lettuce. Foods your kids eat that are thin skinned should absolutely be organic.

This is another variation of raw vegan fruit sushi. Uber kid friendly. Total blessings from heaven, is what they actually are. And I am not just saying this because she is my sister. These have been kid-tested, remember, and kids always tell you like it is.

Your kids will love it, they will love you, and you WILL do a happy dance in your kitchen! Every single ingredient is good for them. It's different. It's fun.

And may I recommend adding her blog to your blog list? She is continuing to invent new recipes for vegan children such as sugar free vegan muddy buddies and more variations on fruit sushi/vegan lunches.

So hop on over to Fabulous Flexitarian's delicious universe, and get some variety on that PB&J!

P.S. Dr. Joel Furhman says that children's diets should largely consist of fruit, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds. As I was going about my day today, I realized that these little sushi's are just that. A perfect compliment of vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Wrapped up all in one pretty little edible package. When I feed these to my kids, I feel like it is nutrition perfection. Whole foods at its best. Need I say more?


  1. I hope your kids actually like the new recipe I put up! Ahh! I feel the pressure! :)

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  3. Done! I didn't realize I could change it.

    And, no pressure :)

  4. I have nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for your journey to veganism and for this amazing blog, and for the person you are, Ashlee. Keep going, you are amazing to me :)