Thursday, February 20, 2014

A New Favorite: Isa Does It! & A Goal To Stop Eating Out.

I change these "Puffy Pillow Pancakes" to be low fat by using banana, and with 100% white whole wheat flour. So healthy, and the most perfect pancakes EVER!

Isa Does It! Is one of my new favorite cookbooks.

I told Paul, “Any time I am not sure what to cook for dinner, all I do is pull out Isa’s book (he gave it to me for Christmas!!!) and then all my problems are solved.”

It is full of gorgeous pictures. All the recipes are simple, but from scratch. And so delicious.

I don't get paid for saying so. Isa doesn't even know I exist. I simply like telling you about good finds.

Plus, she is so hilarious. I love her cooking videos on her website!

Some of our favorites?

• Puffy Pillow Pancakes! YUMMY! (I modify: use ALL white whole wheat flour, and replace oil with 2 TBSP mashed banana. Add two scant teaspoons of oil for slightly richer taste, more golden color.)
• Lentil-A-Roni. My kids LOVE this one. I serve it with steamed spinach and extra lentils for the adults.
• Dilly Stew. Kind of a take on chicken and dumplings. Only with Navy beans instead of chicken. Yum.
• Broccoli Stir Fry. OH WOW. Best stir fry I have ever had. Instead of bell peppers I use coined carrots and chopped cabbage.
• Coconut Chana Saag. Not my son, Samuel’s favorite, but defiantly a favorite of Paul’s and mine. One of the best Indian dishes I have ever tried. Restaurant, or at home.
• Broccoli and Tofu Curry
• And so much more that I haven't tried yet.

I rented the book from the library first to see if I liked it enough to buy it. It has the most pictures in it that I have ever seen in a vegetarian cook book before, and lovely thick pages. I knew after sifting through it, I wanted it for sure. And that's when Paul got it for me for Christmas.

So I recommend you do the same: check it out at the library first, see if you love it, then spend the money if you do.

Last night for supper was simple:

baked yams, roasted chickpeas, and steamed broccoli with a green smoothie for Paul and I (my new favorite green smoothie recipe coming soon!).

Just bake yams for 2 hours at 350, or one hour at 425 until soft to the touch.

Samuel wont eat yams so he just ate chickpeas and broccoli...he seemed quite happy with that.

A Goal To Stop Eating Out

After having Preston we got in the habit of eating out a lot, especially since towards the end of my pregnancy we relied on restaurants when I felt too big to cook. After reading that one of my favorite blog families rarely eats out (and they are not even vegetarian) I realized our eating out habits were getting out of control. It was costing me far too much money, and sabotaging my postpartum weight loss goals. We haven’t gone out for at least three weeks now (except for one date with Paul!). It was hard at first to get used to cooking more again, but now I love it. It has saved money and my weight doesn’t have mass fluctuations from eating restaurant food. And really, my family and I love homemade food.

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary is this Saturday! So speaking of going out to eat, do you know of a really fancy Veg-friendly restaurant Paul and I could go to? If so, feel free to send those ideas my way!


  1. Wait a minute Ashley - are you telling me you've been married for 22 years? I thought you were my age! Congratulations!!! We recently went to Osaka (I've heard it's similar to Benny Hana's) where the Japanese guys grill the food at your table. Fun stuff!

    I also got that cookbook for Christmas but have not had a chance to try anything because I've been busy with work :( But, when things calm down I'll refer back to your blog and try out those recipes - thanks!

    1. I totally biffed! My anny is on the 22nd! It's my 11th wedding anny!!! Whoops!

      I didn't know you were working, what do you do?

    2. I have been working at Kimber Academy, a faith-based private school. It's been a great experience, but I feel strongly that I need to be at home and give everything I have to my family. It's going to be a hard transition - but worth it! I feel so much better knowing you are not on your 22nd year of marriage - whew! I could not figure out how to make that work in my head ;)

  2. I found that puffy pillow pancakes recipe on Isa's blog and I agree - they are the BEST pancakes I've made since becoming vegan. Just like at a diner, but better! I just checked and my library has Isa Does It as an e-book so I can borrow it RIGHT NOW! I have got to try the other recipes you raved about.

  3. I'm trying to find the broccoli stir fry in the book. Is it the Seitan and Broccol with Pantry BBQ Sauce?

  4. The recipe is called cast iron stir fry on page 175.

  5. Those do sound good. She does seem hilarious with lots of attitude.