Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The "Un-Tuna" Sandwich

I grew up on tuna sandwiches. I thought I would forever have to say goodbye to them.

And then I discovered that smashed up garbanzo beans (organic tastes SO much better then regular!) taste a ton like tuna!

I love this quick and easy, filling sandwich. I love sprouts, I love avocado, and I love garbanzo beans. Now I want to do a lot of things with them. I want to toast them, put them in salads, and make patties out of them. Like a replacement for chicken patties except now they are chickpea patties! YUMMY!

I can't believe I waited so long to discover the greatness of the chickpea/garbanzo bean.

You can use the following ingredients to have it be more tuna-ish, but I prefer them plain, smashed with a pastry blender or potato masher.

I didn't use mayo, but an oil-free cashew basil cheese sauce that was waiting to be used up in my fridge. I used home-made, whole wheat bread, and kept it open-faced cuz that's how I like'em! I like mostly veggies and plant protein for lunch; not a lot of bread. Topped it with pea sprouts, avocados and ground pepper, and tomatoes.

Have fun creating your own sandwich! Sliced celery or quartered grapes would be great! My kids LOVE these with grapes, mayo, celery, mustard, and pickle relish.

If you don't like bread, or are shooting for more rapid weight loss, you can put chickpeas with assorted toppings/fillings in some romaine lettuce leaves and turn this into a healthier lettuce wrap!

What's YOUR favorite thing to put on a vegan sandwich? Please share!


  1. Beautiful pics and well constructed blog. Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  2. Thank you! And thanks for reading -- I hope there is useful info here.