Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Women Will Always Need Women

My throat is sore, my body aches. A cough is just at the edge of my mouth. I am still so tired. I ate terribly yesterday. Cookies. Raunchy food.

It makes me feel terrible.

My excuse?

Alana. Love her. But I can't do it anymore. I have three kids. Laundry piled up sky high. It breaks my heart. Tell her Mommy. My sister. But I don't want to.

Sisterhood is the deepest bond. Do you have a sister? Did she take care of you at night, when all others were asleep? Did she run with you in the cold, do homework with you in the quiet rooms at the library, feed you, cry with you? Mine did. I have four of them. Four. They are the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Especially on the inside.

I correct myself. I now have five.

A beautiful new sister (in-law). Very talented. She sings, makes wedding cakes, sews baby blankets, alters clothing, arranges flowers. I could go on. Has the most adorable laugh.

I have so many memories of these beautiful girls, that I could not even begin to record them. I think usually sisters fight. There have been only extremely rare occasions where we have. I could probably count them on one hand.

Sleep has overcome me. I can feel an illness creeping in. Maybe I will write again today. Share with you Paul's favorite sandwich recipe. But for now, I need to sink back into nothingness.


P.S. We had family guests last night for Megan's birthday party, and I made my lasagna. Very picky eaters. I cannot even begin to describe. They loved it. Gobbled it up.

What I did for the cheese? Mixed 1 cup of cauliflower puree with Italian pizza cheese. It was delish. Would you like the exact recipe? Or will you not make it if it requires that you also have to make your own "cheese?"

They also ranted about my Ranch dressing. Good stuff.

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