Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Highlights and Deep Beauty

Paul is gone. Flew to Texas for a conference, and will get back on Saturday.

Don't be surprised if you see chocolate on the blog over the next few days.

Feels like I've gained two pounds this last week. Eating Cheesy. Yum.

I figured out a modification trick that makes me love the basic cheese sauce even more. Paul gave me one of the sweetest compliments after serving it to him. "You know how I always said that the hardest part of going plant-based is that I miss cheese? Well, you can cross that off your list. I think you've got it."

Yay! Paul has always loved his cheese. Modification trick coming soon. With Calzones.

On Friday, we signed all the papers and completed the purchase of seven additional acres, with a 1,500 sq. ft. cottage.

Complete with a large garage.

A full barn.

Windmill. The kids love using it to pump water out from the underground well.

Paul had us roaming around on our now 10 acres.

Land means a lot to us. Probably more than the cottage.

We love the idea of giving our kids 10 acres to just roam around on, play on, even do work on.

Renting out the cottage to another family will pay for the land.

Living room. I love the wood beams in the ceiling. Classic New Mexico.

Don't ask me why there is a bed in the middle of it. Needs to be moved.

What I love about this place? It's old school.

Literally. It is a 100 year old school house, renovated to be a cottage.

Some things look new.

Some things look old.

It needs a lot of work. I may post more pictures once we get the place in better shape. But you can kinda' see why the movie industry would possibly want to use it in one of their western movies.

To finish off our weekend.

Last night Paul and I got to have a discussion with the youth of our church about proper dress and grooming.

We got a babysitter. Got all dressed up fancy shmancy in our church duds. Had fun taking turns telling the young adults about our dating stories. It was kinda' like a fun little date.

My favorite part of the discussion was how the youth opened up and talked about some of the difficulties we face nowadays with pressure from media, from peers. To look a certain way. Wear certain clothes. Along with the desire to look attractive.

We showed this movie about deep beauty. It speaks to me.

I hope we made a difference, even in just one young life.


  1. I love your cottage! Can I come design it with turquoise colors? It would be so fun!....someday, right? It's supposed to snow this week up here. Trying to keep up by getting ready for cold, sorting all the kids summer clothes getting rid of the too small. I love the feeling of getting rid of the old but then it makes me realize how they are growing and will never wear that size of clothes again! Fall weather makes me want to stay cozy and I start to miss any family that is not right there! I am excited to try your amazing cheese sauce!

  2. That place is awesome! I'm so glad it worked out for you.

    Btw, I had the pumpkin mac and it was great. So much easier than butternut squash - and food storage friendly to boot!

  3. It fills my heart with joy to see that picture of megan, so happy to be outside on a playground with her family! That has to be the cutest picture of Megan I have ever seen :) So what is this modification of the basic cheese sauce?!