Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lately, We've Enjoyed...

Often, I make recipes from other blogs online that I either alter very little, or not at all. Rather than blogging each individual recipe, I thought I would share a picture and brief summary about it, and any changes I made to it.

Blogs are such a great way to find other recipes quickly, and, over the last year I think I've gotten better at being able to look at a recipe's details, and determine quickly whether or not it will turn out well. Or, I will brainstorm ways to modify it to ensure that it will turn out well. I want to share what I have found, what we have thoroughly enjoyed, with you!

For those who are transitioning, or new to whole foods, this post might give you a good idea as to the types of foods we are eating on a daily basis. Especially at the bottom where I post foods from my own blog, or mention meals that we are eating that have not yet been posted.

Here we go!

The title of each recipe is linked to the recipe page.

Gingerbread Cookies By Dreena Burton

My kids beg...I mean beg to make these, practically every day. I am sure these could be made into slabs for gingerbread houses, too. Real winner with the whole fam. (I know, it's no longer Holiday time...still, we really love these!)

Tips: roll them out kinda thick (at least 1/4 inch), and be careful not to over-bake them. Because they are made with coconut oil, you may have to refrigerate the dough before cutting it into shapes because it will get too flexible when warm.

It didn't help that my kitchen was very warm when I made these: now that it's winter time, there's most often a fire blazing in the fireplace and my kitchen is really cookin' hot. The dough is easiest to manage when very cold....I actually put the uncooked, rolled dough in my freezer for a few minutes at a time cuz I am really impatient, and I wanted cold dough, right now.

Speaking of gingerbread...

Gingerbread Granola by Dreena Burton

I realize the Holidays are over. Way over. But I really like granola made this way.

Me. Moi. I could eat this every day. When Essie had her first bite, she said, "Mmm, it's like a gingerbread cookie bursting in my mouth!"

Except this version is oil free.

Tips: The pecans in this recipe are fantastic. So good! I recommend measuring out over-flowing amounts of them into the granola. Also, I really don't enjoy the taste of cashew butter sometimes. I like it in ice cream, etc, but here, I really recommend using almond butter. Yum.

Honey Mustard, Broccoli and Apple Salad By Joy the Baker

I had no idea that slightly steamed broccoli could taste so good in a salad.

Paul and I both thoroughly enjoyed it, chilled. I doubled it, and we consumed the entire thing yesterday. Paul declared, "Best salad I've had all winter!" With a declaration like that, I will probably be making it again sometime soon.

Tips: I made the salad dressing oil free. How? Simply by replacing the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with twice the amount of raw cashews, and blending it together very thoroughly until it became creamy and smooth. So, if the recipe called for 2 tbsp oil, I added 4 tbsp raw cashews (or eyeball a little more in to attain the texture you want).

If you don't have whole grain mustard, use prepared mustard, not dried mustard, otherwise it will be too spicy. Cut the amount of mustard in half if it is prepared, and not the whole grain.

I used half apple cider vinegar, and half red wine vinegar.

Also by Joy the Baker

On Juicing
, a fantastic post all about juicing.

As I mentioned previously, I finally broke down and bought a juicer. I was going to blog about juicing, but Joy did such a good job, I really can't compete.

My favorite juicing combinations?

*Ginger Apple: 10 large apples // 1-2 inch piece of ginger...sweet and spicy!
*Carrot Celery: 6-10 large organic carrots // 1 large bunch of celery
*Green Lemonade

I sometimes use juicing as my breakfast. It makes me feel fantastic.

However, despite my most earnest efforts...maybe...I really can't seem to go a full day only juicing. I chewing my food.

Speaking of chewing my food.

Maple Baked Lentils with Sweet Potato by Angela Liddon

Angela has made me fall in love with lentils. Oh dear. They are so satisfying and hearty. I served this easy recipe on toast. And I really didn't even try to make my kids eat it.

Blanket Stew in a Gravy Broth By Angela Liddon

I'd be lying if I said I made this lately. However, it is something we so thoroughly enjoyed (and even served to dinner guests) that I wanted to mention it.

Tips: Simply omit the oil in the gravy. Doesn't really alter the taste of it at all. And, you really could add any vegetables to this that you have on hand. I would serve this with mashed potatoes. Whole family loves...

And finally.

From my own blog:

Thai Style Noodles

Winner. Ding, ding, ding!

My kids love this stuff. Never any whining when I serve it. Always empty bowls. Happy me.

Happy you if you try it!

Tips: VEGAN FAST FOOD! If you are short on time, simply boil some spaghetti or fettuccine noodles according to their package directions. Shred carrots, green cabbage, and chop scallions. Saute them in a nonstick skillet while you whip together the sauce ingredients in a bowl. Add sauce to the sauteing vegetables, along with some mung bean sprouts if you have them on hand. Add pasta, some teriyaki tofu (optional), toss to combine, heat through, let simmer five or so minutes, and serve. Takes less than 30 minutes! The carrots and cabbage just kind of melt into the background of the sauce, and the kids have no idea they are eating so many vegetables.

Bok Choy Saute with Peanuts and Scallions

I may not be the best food photographer, but I have to say I am a pretty good chef. (Yes, I just tooted my own horn!)

This meal is, by far, Paul's and my favorite right now. Satisfying, well-rounded, delicious, loads of flavor and texture, fast. Very fast.

It may not be the prettiest, but it's a keeper.

And, some recipes we've enjoyed that I haven't posted yet, but I hope to post soon. All of which are oil free.

Sweet Potato Corn Chowder
Tuscan White Bean and Kale Soup
Whole Grain & High Protein Crepes
Cashew Apple Balsamic Dressing with Cabbage Salad
Black Bean Burgers with Red Onion Guacamole
Raw Ceasar Salad Dressing Over Romaine, Kalamata, and Red Onion
Mochi, baked and stuffed

Working on my camera situation...thanks all for reading!

And, thank you, especially for your votes on Circle of Moms!!

I told Paul that even If I don't make it to top 25 (I am competing with some really awesome women!), being nominated has totally made my day/month/year!

You can vote every day...once a day.

Thank you again, so much!


  1. Wow thanks for putting together such a fabulous post! I have been struggling with meal planning lately but I'll just print out a few of theses and be set. Thanks for the tip on using raw cashews to make dressings oil free. And that dish you don't think is very pretty? I think it looks great. Voting for you!

    1. Oh, your welcome! You know what's funny, last week I was so proud of myself for being so good at meal planning. Now, this week, I draw a total blank.I have no idea what to make! I think we all get in a rut sometimes. Thanks for the vote, Alisa! I so appreciate it!

    2. Alisa, I was just gonna say real quick that the maple baked lentils with sweet potato is not very kid-friendly. I felt the need to give you a heads' up!